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Why should you book your newborn photoshoot in advance?

As a specialist newborn photographer in Edinburgh I am often asked why is it so important to book your newborn photoshoot in advance during the pregnancy and why I recommend to not leave it until the last minute. My answer is simple – in order to capture your baby at their tiniest and to make it easier for you!

Booking your newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh in advance

When you book your newborn photography session in advance, you cross one more thing from that huge to do list! Booking in advance will give you comfort, knowing that your baby can be captured at the very beginning. You will know that at some point during the first couple of weeks after your baby’s arrival you will have an appointment with your photographer. This will be scheduled in and prepared for. You will be able to look forward to it and make time for it in your busy schedule. These are all important reasons to book your newborn photoshoot in advance.

Booking your newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh last minute

The last weeks of pregnancy often seem to go by so slowly. But when the baby finally comes, it’s as if life speeds up! Days will be filled with the new kind of love, new routines, feeds and nappy changes. Naps, family visits, midwife checks and lots more will consume your days. It will get so busy that it will be easy to forget things like your dream to capture your baby as a newborn.

Most baby photographers in Edinburgh tend to book up in advance, and some don’t offer newborn photoshoots for babies over a couple of weeks old. So even if you will manage to get an appointment, it might not be with your preferred photographer. Or worse, you might need to wait a couple more weeks for your newborn session. A few weeks means your baby will change already. They will become more alert and less sleepy as they grow, meaning your photography session will most likely take a little longer and might be a little less relaxed. Plus, your partner will likely be back to work at that point, making it trickier to find the time for those important family portraits.

Of course you will still be able to capture the tininess and unique features of your baby, however I strongly advice to remove the unnecessary stress and book your newborn photography session in advance. You will treasure, love and appreciate these portraits much more than you think!

Is my baby too old for newborn photos?

No way! Absolutely not, your baby is NEVER too old for their first portraits! As you may have heard, some photographers prefer to photograph newborns up to two weeks, or even ten days old. This is simply because it is easier for them as babies sleep more at that age. I, however, strongly believe that every baby, at every stage is absolutely wonderful to photograph!

And regardless of how old, their first portraits will be at their tiniest and most precious. I will never, ever turn a family away due to the age of their baba. So please, do get in touch if you are looking for a last minute newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh and I will be more than happy to help (depending on availability). Check out these beautiful older newborn photos I took for parents just like you:

I hope you find this blog post about why you should book your newborn photoshoot in Edinburgh in advance useful! Remember, your baby can and should be photographed at any age, but to make it easier for yourself, try and book your newborn photoshoot during pregnancy.

I would love to capture this amazing time in your life and whether you just found out you are expecting, or already had your baby and are looking to book a last minute newborn photography session in Edinburgh, please get in touch and I would love to help you!

If you are looking for a photographer who will create beautiful, timeless, heartfelt images that you will treasure for lifetime, have a look on my newborn photography in Edinburgh page or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, send me a message using the contact form below. I would love to help you!

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