Newborn Photographer Edinburgh

Newborn Photographer Edinburgh

Karolina - newborn photographer Edinburgh

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I’m Karolina, your local maternity and newborn photographer
in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

My Mission…

My mission and passion in life is to help families like yours to remember your story. To capture timeless family and baby portraits, create and produce family wall art and albums that will be treasured for generations and do this in a way that is simple, easy and an enjoyable  for you.


With over fifteen years of professional experience as a photographer, I have been specialising in baby photography  since 2014 and I have worked with hundreds of parents just like you. I am also a mother of two wonderful boys, so I understand how precious every single day with your newborn is and the importance of capturing every milestone.

why am i a maternity and newborn photographer?

The thing that motivates me the most is the fact that I have hardly any photos of myself from when I was little. There were no portraits displayed in our home as I was growing up. No prints, no albums, and we certainly didn’t have any digital images. My family never valued professional photography and having no history of my own to look back at is really sad. 


This is why I have chosen to be a baby and family photographer and why I drag my husband and kids to a professional photoshoot at least once a year, so we can fill our house with portraits of our children and family. And I truly practice what I preach – print, print, print your photos! 🙂

brothers snuggling up four year old and one year old sibling posing family photographer edinburgh

timeless, natural family and newborn photography in edinburgh

Wherever you are in your journey as a family, I am here to help you capture those intimate and beautiful, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments. Together we will create natural, timeless portraits and heirloom pieces of wall art, that you and your children will love and cherish for generations.



I hope they forever remind you of those memories and loving family connections.


brothers snuggling up four year old and one year old sibling posing family photographer edinburgh

CHOOSE YOUR Maternity, family or baby photography session in Edinburgh

A photography session designed to capture the beauty of your pregnancy and celebrate the incredible miracle of new life. Start creating your baby’s biography at this very special milestone, at the start of your journey together.

wrapped baby on back newborn photography edinburgh midlothian

Capture the natural beauty of your little bundle of joy. Beautiful, minimalistic newborn portraits that focus on all the little details. An enjoyable, stress-free experience in a relaxing home studio environment.

Designed to remind you of your baby’s developing personality, their chubby cheeks and those heart-warming giggles. Clean, simple, timeless portraits that will perfectly match your newborn images for a continuous look.

Wrap up documenting your baby’s first year! This special birthday photography session consists of three parts: natural portraits to coordinate with previous sessions, cake smashing fun to celebrate your baby turning one, and finally – lots of splashing fun in a classic
bubble bath!

Capture the relationships within your family with a stress-free family photography session, where you will enjoy an hour of fun at your home or out in nature. Perfect for those with older children who want to run around or for families looking for a more natural portrait with their loved ones.

Specially designed for mothers and their little ones. Capturing the bond that no one else can understand, the relationship that’s so special and unique. Mummy and me photography session will always remind you of the beginning of your journey together and the connection that only you share.

The photographs displayed on this page were taken by myself, Marieke and Heather.

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