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Why is Newborn Photography so expensive?

Hello and welcome to my blog post, where I will explore the intriguing world of newborn photography. Today I will uncover the reasons behind its perceived high cost. As a professional newborn photographer based in Edinburgh, I have encountered numerous clients who have wondered why the prices for newborn photography services tend to be higher compared to other types of photography. In this article, I will explain various factors that contribute to the pricing of newborn photography. Hopefully this will help you develop a deeper understanding of the value and investment involved.

Specialised skills, experience and extensive training

A professional newborn photographer has the knowledge and experience to handle delicate newborns with care, ensuring their safety throughout the session. They regularly invest in professional training and education in form of workshops, courses and mentorship programmes to learn essential techniques specific to newborn photography. This training helps them master the art of working with newborns, including safety protocols and soothing techniques. Not only they know how to safely handle and care for your precious baby though! They also understand the nuances of lighting, posing and composition to create stunning and memorable images that will be treasured for a lifetime. The cost of these educational resources is reflected in the pricing of their services.

Specialized Equipment and Props

To create gorgeous newborn portraits, photographers use a wide range of specialized equipment and props. From high-quality cameras and lenses to soft blankets, hats, wraps, and delicate accessories, these tools are essential for achieving the desired look. Even photographers like me who use minimal props and shoot simple portraits, invest a lot in making sure their tiniest clients are most comfortable. The cost of purchasing, maintaining, insuring and updating this equipment is factored into the pricing of newborn photography.

Time and effort

A newborn photography session is more than just clicking a few pictures. It involves careful planning, setting up and heating the studio, selecting props and outfits, and ensuring the comfort of the baby. The actual session may last several hours, as newborns require frequent breaks for feeding, comforting and changing. Following the session, the photographer spends a significant amount of time meticulously editing each image, ensuring the highest artistic and quality standards. The time and effort invested in these behind-the-scenes tasks contribute to the overall cost of the service.

Limited availability and best service possible

Professional newborn photographers limit the number of sessions they accept each month due to the nature of their work. Newborns are best photographed within the first few weeks of birth when they are sleepier and more relaxed. As a result, photographers must manage their schedule carefully to accommodate these short windows of opportunity. Also the majority of expert photographers will understand how fragile you are feeling at the beginning of your journey as a parent and will go out of their way to provide you with the best possible service. Limited availability coupled with the high demand for newborn photography services means photographers need to charge a sufficient amount for their expertise.


The cost of newborn photography in Edinburgh, like any other service, reflects the value and investment required to deliver exceptional results. From specialized skills and equipment to extensive training and the dedicated time spent before, during, and after the session, newborn photographers strive to create beautiful and timeless images of your little ones. So, next time you’re in awe of those adorable newborn portraits, remember the craftsmanship, expertise, and love that go into capturing those precious moments.

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