Top 5 reasons to book a maternity photoshoot

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top 5 reasons to book a maternity photoshoot in Edinburgh

Congratulations on your wonderful news, mama! I bet your head is spinning with all the things to do! There are so many things prepare for and think about during this wonderful and equally challenging time of your life. Booking a maternity photoshoot may have slipped your mind!

Growing a human is a massive challenge and although magical, pregnancy is sometimes not at all glamorous, so why would anyone want to capture it?

You’ve probably heard about professional pregnancy photoshoots and maybe even seen some images online. The images of beautiful, glowing women who look like they’ve stepped down from a magazine are amazing and they look like super models.

I’ll let you in on a secret – they’re not!

They are normal, down to earth women just like you, who have decided that this precious, life changing time is worth capturing. So why should you book a maternity photoshoot? Here are 5 reasons to help you understand the importance of these portraits.

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1. It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity

Sounds a bit dramatic?

Well it is! After your baby is born, you will never experience this pregnancy again.

You will never feel this particular little one stretching their little arms and legs inside of you again or experience them hiccuping in your tummy. The memories of these moments will soon be replaced by memories of them as a baby, then as a toddler, then eventually as a teenager too!

The good thing about a maternity photoshoot is that those photographs have this magical power to take you back in time. To allow you to remember the senses, the sounds and the smells of that particular captured moment. They allow you to slow down and to appreciate the moment that passed.

Your pregnancy will end, but your portraits will forever remind you of a miracle your body has created.

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2. Strengthen the bond with your partner and your baby

Pregnancy can be a lonely time even if you do have a partner to share it with.

Unfortunately, there is no way to share everything, and even the most supportive partners will lack understanding of what it is actually like.

To not be able to sleep comfortably for months, or to need to pee every 5 minutes, or the effect the hormones can have on a pregnant woman. These and many other reasons might mean that you don’t fell as close or connected as partners. A pregnancy photoshoot is a wonderful way to rekindle that fire, to remind you of the connection and love you both share..

Taking the time for just the two of you and your baby bump will be a truly special experience. During your maternity photoshoot, your photographer will beautifully capture your relationship before you become parents.

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3. Professional photographs can stand the test of time

It’s not to say that you shouldn’t take your own pictures and selfies!

Of course you should, absolutely! Capturing the every day is as important and precious. However when you work with a professional photographer, you will get way more than just a person who’s good at clicking the shutter.

A specialist maternity photographer will take their time to get to know you and together you will plan a perfect maternity photoshoot for you. Your photographer will not only make you feel amazing, but they will and the best angles and take the most flattering portraits of you.

They will make you feel comfortable and secure, which will allow them to capture the bond and relationship you share with that little baby inside your belly beautifully. And if you find yourself thinking “I would love to know more” while reading this post, please send me a message or visit my Maternity Sessions page to discover how Maternity Photoshoots at my Edinburgh studio work!

backlit all white maternity photography in Edinburgh

4. Capture precious memories and the start of your baby’s journey in life

Once you have children, your life changes forever.

From then on, you will forever be the parent to a little, and then not so little human being. You will become known as someone’s mum and you will change so much both inside and out.

Capture your pregnancy, so that your child knows how loved they were from the very beginning.

So they can see how strong your bond was before they were even born. Show them the very start of your journey together and I promise they will be so grateful. They (and you!) will love and treasure these portraits forever.

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5. You my regret it if you don’t book a pregnancy photoshoot

This one is simple.

I have never met anyone who regrets capturing their pregnancy, but I met way too many mums who regret not booking a maternity photoshoot.

I know your life is busy. I know you probably have more important things on your list. I know you might think it’s not important.

But one thing is clear. There is no way of knowing how you will feel if you don’t get a professional pregnancy photoshoot. There is a high chance you will regret it, but at that point it will be too late.

So if even the smallest part of you thinks that you should have a professional maternity photoshoot at my Edinburgh studio, please have a look around my website and get in touch.

I love shooting maternity sessions in my signature, all-white style as this gives timeless, clean and natural but classy look to your photographs, ensuring you will love them even years from now. And if you are worried about ‘posing’…. I’ve got your back!

I keep a natural approach that will make you forget you are in front of a camera.

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backlit all white maternity photoshoot edinburgh 5 reasons to book a maternity photoshoot

Hi, I’m Karolina, your specialist maternity and newborn photographer in Edinburgh.

If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Edinburgh who will create beautiful, timeless, heartfelt images that you will treasure for lifetime… Have a look on my maternity photography in Edinburgh page or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, send me a message using the contact form below.

I would love to help you capture your most special moments!

Lots of love,


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