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Beyon the stars baby sleep consultant edinburgh

Guest Blog Post – Jade Zammit from Beyond The Stars Baby Sleep Coaching

As a newborn photographer in Edinburgh, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless precious moments for new parents. However, the joy of welcoming a new member to the family can often come with the challenge of ensuring everyone gets the rest they need. Recognizing the importance of supporting local parents in their journey, I’ve arranged an interview with one of Edinburgh’s best baby sleep consultants – Jade Zammit. I have personally worked with Jade when my youngest son was little, and can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend her. She saved our family from so much stress, anxiety and sleepless nights and I will be forever grateful.

In this exclusive interview with Jade, a gentle and holistic baby sleep consultant, we delve into her personal journey, bust common myths surrounding traditional sleep training, and explore the unique services she provides. Whether you’re a first-time parent or welcoming another bundle of joy, Jade’s insights promise to bring reassurance and valuable knowledge to your parenting journey.

Beyon the stars baby sleep consultant edinburgh
Jade Zammit baby sleep consultant

Hi Jade, please introduce yourself

Hi – I’m Jade and I’m a mum of two incredible kids who are now 7 and 3 years old. Outside of mum life I am a qualified specialist in Infant & Child Sleep. I truly adore what I do – transforming families so the whole family are feeling happy & well rested.

Can you share a bit about your personal journey and how it led you to specialize in baby sleep consulting? 

When my son was born, I felt so lost in the world of parenting – let alone the minefield that was baby sleep! I read all the baby sleep books and just found a fascination in the psychology of sleep. We found our way, he was really time sensitive so it was also in finding what worked for him. The toddler years were a big challenge for us, he was so easily stimulated but thrived on connection so it was about finding a settle rhythm that worked for him. That took a while to navigate on my own!

When my daughter graced us, I thought I knew a thing or two when it came to sleep by this point… however with her severe reflux and completely different sleep needs I was left in the spiral of sleep deprivation and no way out. Even when I dusted off the books, I just couldn’t find my way to help her sleep. But of course they didn’t work the same – my two kids were so different!! Different personalities, different sleep needs – it made sense from then that no child is the same when it comes to sleep.

So when my husband suggested we seek a professional to help us with her sleep – I decided I wanted to be that professional. I wanted to make sure no family ever felt unsupported in sleep – it’s one of the toughest parts of parenthood and there was no sleep support accessible. And I wanted to change that – so I did! I went on to do extensive study and qualifications .. and then set up business to support and transform other families! 

baby sleep consultant edinburgh

What sets your approach apart from traditional sleep training methods?

I really do stand by my belief in that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sleep! All children are so different in their personalities and temperaments, as is every family dynamic different. What I focus on is working with their unique personalities to ensure a responsive solution that works with them, not against them. It’s also important to me to work in a way that aligns with that family – which is also the key to getting it right! 

When you google sleep training – parents are often left feeling they either need to “cry-it-out” or cosleep. I focus on the middle ground where we can take gentle and responsive ways to help them feeling contented in sleep as well as promoting independence gradually.  

What are the most common problems you can help new parents with?

With the majority of families I work with, there is often a cycle of overtiredness present. This is where there are stretches of wake times that are too long, resulting in contributing to the frequent night awakenings. And then this makes the cycle repeat in the day!

The other most common challenges are with sleep associations and little ones feeling unable to link those sleep cycles back together. This is where there is something strong that the little one relies on to fall asleep every time. And when they wake, they are in upset without the thing that helped them get to sleep in the first place e.g. rocking, feeding etc. So this is something we work through together in how to gently wean away from the bigger associations, so that little one knits the sleep back together and the stretches increase – and it means they don’t have that upset when they wake when they realise they are without it. 

How do you address the emotional well-being of both the baby and the parents during the sleep training process?  

This is such an important factor! Many mums come to me when they are feeling at rock bottom, so the mindset process requires that bit of coaching too and reassurance. As for the little ones, it’s important we read their cues too and take things at a pace that works for them!

baby sleep training edinburgh

Are your services adaptable to different parenting styles and family dynamics? 

100%! Every family has different values and different dynamics. For example, I could be supporting 5 x 9 month old and they will all be on different sleep plans! One could be moving into their own room, once may even be moving into their siblings room and one could be cosleeping with parents as part of their wishes. Every plan is completely bespoke to that family and little one!

What are some most common misconceptions about traditional baby sleep training that you often encounter? 

I often get messages of “do you support “cry it out” as this doesn’t align with me! Or “Are you going to tell me all I can do is co-sleep because this doesn’t work for me!” – and these are probably the two biggest misconceptions and worries I get asked. 

I think there is also a lot of mis-information out there about what “cry it out” is too. What is actually means is “cry to extinction” which is shutting the door and not returning until morning! And yes – I am of belief that this is not good for baby (or parents for that matter!) – I work with really responsive settle methods and some of these are bespoke to my services as I’ve learnt different techniques from the norm which are truly effective in sleep coaching! 

Many parents might worry about sleep regressions and disruptions. How do you support families through these challenging times? 

Absolutely! We can’t avoid some phases – such as development leaps, teething, illness, change in routine/holidays etc. But once I support you to that place of contented sleep you know how to get back to it once they pass! I always support parents through these times, sleep is never linear and things can change often. For example, a sibling comes along and the toddler sleep changes.

I’m about to launch my new membership which is perfect for parents and getting consistent support through these challenging times too and guide you back to where you want to be! 

baby sleep edinburgh

Are you able to assist parents who are dealing with colic or other challenges that can affect baby’s sleep?

Often I come across families who have little ones suffering with specific challenges such as colic, reflux, CMPA, allergies. I have experience in these fields and how they all impact sleep – Reflux is my speciality – but if medication etc is required or out of my remit I’ll always ask them to seek medical advice first! 

Do you offer different types of services based on parents needs?

Yes! My services come in different forms. Although my 1-1 services are best for full support, I do also offer online courses. Some parents prefer this, and I wanted to make sure sleep support was accessible for everyone. I also have the “Exhausted to Thriving” Program – which is part online course and paired with bespoke group support calls to ensure the expert guidance to solving baby sleep challenges! I know how valuable the support part is – so I wanted to create that balance to ensure the success.

And again the membership will bring a different aspect to my support services too!

Can babies really be trained to sleep?

Definitely! Sleep is rarely “developmental” – and sleep can be learnt, unlearned and relearned! How we do it though is the big thing, it doesn’t have to be anything drastic to support them in their learning with sleep. It can be done whilst still responding to their needs! 

Beyond the stars Jade

What is your one best tip for parents who are sleep deprived?

Do not compare yours to any one else’s child! All children are so different, and the ones who have painted a picture of their child being the perfect sleeper often won’t tell you when it gets tough! Children, like adults, have challenges different to others. If you are struggling with your little ones sleep – it is not a reflection on you or them! We are all responding to our babies and figuring out this rollercoaster journey of sleep. 

It can be so debilitating to compare to others who have great sleepers – but focus on you and your little one and their needs. And – we aren’t designed to know it all in parenting or sleep! It’s absolutely OK to ask for support! 

What is the best way for parents to reach you and learn more?

The best way is to get in touch with me via my inbox and we’ll arrange to chat it all through. jadesleepnanny@gmail.com

You can also book in directly here with some available time slots for a free discovery call.


You can grab your free Exhausted to Thriving – Steps to Sleep Success guide here!


And view the courses available here – https://www.beyondthestars.co.uk/courses


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Jade Zammit edinburgh baby sleep consultant
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