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Behind the scenes of a newborn photoshoot with Karolina Russell Photography

First of all, congratulations on your exciting news! Having a new baby join your family is truly so special.

If you are planning on booking or have already booked your newborn photoshoot with me here in Edinburgh, I would love to walk you through the whole process in more detail. After all, having a newborn photoshoot is a big deal and I want you to feel that you have made the right decision and know exactly what to expect.

Step 1 – your newborn photoshoot booking.

Once you decide that I am the right photographer for you, check availability around your due date by contacting me. I recommend booking in at least 6-8 wekks before your due date, and ideally as soon as possible after your 20 week scan. This is to ensure I will have space for your session when the time comes.

Step 2 – consultation

Once your booking is secured, we will arrange a quick video chat. This is a chance for us to get to know each other better and especially for me to find out what your hopes and wishes are regarding your newborn session. Tell me all about the wall art you are dreaming of, the worries you have and share with me what the most important portraits for you are.

Step 3 – your photoshoot.

This is exactly what this blog post is about and where I will walk you through your session in detail.


My lovely newborn photography studio is in my home, which is in Bonnyrigg, just outside Edinburgh. A fully equipped, warm and cosy room is located on the first floor and is truly small but mighty!

The most important thing for me is that you and all your family feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. It is truly a home from home experience where you are invited to come just as you are.

From the comfy sofa to a lovely selection of snacks and drinks, you will be well taken care of and can enjoy a stress-free, once in a lifetime experience.

newborn photography studio edinburgh home newborn studio
home studio for newborns edinburgh newborn photographer
edinburgh newborn photography studio home studio newborn photography

START OF THE SESSION – Arrival and Family Portraits

When you first arrive for your session I will help you settle in at the studio and ask you to feed your baby (if not fed at home before leaving) and change their nappy if needed. There is absolutely no rush, we can take all the time we need. After feeding your baby I will ask you to undress them down to the nappy. This is where I will meet your little one, hold them and start to get to know them.

I will carefully wrap your baby up nice and cosy for your family pictures. There are a few reasons why we start with family and sibling portraits. I know from experience that you might not be feeling up for being in front of the camera so soon after giving birth. I get it, truly. And I will do everything I can to make you as comfortable as possible and help you feel beautiful.

But I would like to invite you to think about that first professional family portrait as a gift to your child. In the end, these portraits aren’t actually for you – they are for your little one. When your newborn is a toddler you can show them how tiny they once were. They will see how much you loved them from the very beginning. How proud you were to be their parent right from the start.

When they grow up and look through the box of photos they found in your cupboard, they will find these precious pictures and they will be so thankful that you are in them. And one day, pictures of you will be the only thing left for them to hold on to. I promise you will not regret being in front of my camera with your most precious ones.

I will take a variety of images for you, including a traditional ‘looking at the camera’ portrait for your little one. With the rest we can play with angles and positioning to include your presence in subtle ways. All you have to do is cuddle and love your baby and I will take care of the rest.

See examples below for a variety of ways to capture your family bond.

mum and dad with newborn baby posing ideas studio white background
newborn with parents posing ideas
mum kissing baby newborn photography edinburgh
backlit parents with newborn photos


If you have older children, I will take my time to get to know them. We will play games and they can be my assistants for the day. Absolutely no need to rush or stress about anything, even if your big one is a two year old with a very strong mind and will!

It will be busy, it might be hectic, it might go smooth like butter. Either way, I will make sure you have that gorgeous portrait of your most precious people together.

Even if it means taking a picture of your first born next to an empty basket and a picture of your baby in a basket separately and then joining those two images in post processing, we will make it work!

newborn and three year old sister posing
newborn with siblings photoshoot Edinburgh


Once the family pictures are done, we will move on to photographing your little one on their own. If there are siblings, it is at this point when I would advice to take them away, either by one of the parents or another trusted adult.

There are a few reasons and the main one is I guarantee they will get bored! In addition to this, in order to ensure your baby is comfortable, I will increase the heating in the room, which will likely make older children uncomfortable.

So the best course of action would be to take them away somewhere fun. There is a big park with a playground nearby and quite a few drive-throughs in the area. This will give us a more calm environment and allow you to sit back and enjoy the experience.

baby on tummy in white basket posing
side lay pose all white newborn photography
tucked in pose all white newborn photography

Typically, if your baby is nice and sleepy after the family portraits, we would start the baby only part of the session with poses in a basket, similar to the first image above. Using very simple accessories and timeless, minimalistic props helps to ensure your image gallery is consistent while giving more variety for you to choose from.

Following the portraits in the props, I will bring out my sturdy posing table and prepare for the next part of the shoot. A stack of soft and cosy blankets on top will make it nice and comfortable for your little one. This is where we will be able to capture the most beautiful, simple portraits in my signature all white style. The focus here is purely on your baby and their features.

Carefully observing and listening to your baby’s cues, I will gently pose your baby on their back, side and tummy and take a variety of images from different angles. This is where we can include your hands in the images, to really show how tiny and precious your little one is.

One thing I would like to emphasise is – my goal as your newborn photographer is to capture YOUR newborn baby. It is not to photograph all babies in exact same poses, with their hands positioned in exact same way and heads angled in the same direction. These portraits are for you, of your baby and their unique ways. So if your little one wants to keep that fist scrunched up, or if that one hand always needs to stay up – that is totally fine and that is exactly what I will capture. Because that is what you will remember as they grow and my goal is to capture it all for you.

simple natural newborn photos edinburgh on white background
baby stretching on his back newborn photography edinburgh

Oh and please don’t be alarmed if your baby decides to use me or the posing table as a toilet! It is totally expected and everything is machine washable. It truly isn’t a big deal!

THE REVEAL – your In Person Viewing Appointment

Once your photography session is complete, I will sort, select and edit your beautiful portraits. We will schedule a date and time, usually within 2 weeks, for you to return to the studio and see your beautiful images.

Together we will watch your beautiful slideshow of images (tissues at the ready!) and take our time to come up with the perfect way you can keep your portraits.

You will be able to explore a range of fantastic products and choose the ones that would be perfect for your family. Whether you love the idea of a stand alone framed portrait, want a keepsake album, or simply desire the digital files, I’ll be there to guide you in finding products that will be cherished by your family for lifetime.

photography products edinburgh photographer

Want to learn more about booking your newborn photoshoot in my Edinburgh studio?

If you’re keen to know more about newborn sessions at my studio, I’m here to provide all the information you need.

Visit my Newborn Photography Page for more information or use the contact form below to get in touch, and let’s start planning a truly unforgettable experience for you and your precious baby.

Hi, I’m Karolina, your special maternity and newborn photographer based near Edinburgh.

If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Edinburgh who will create beautiful, timeless, heartfelt images that you will treasure for lifetime, have a look on my maternity photography in Edinburgh page or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, send me a message using the contact form below. I would love to help you capture your most special moments!

Lots of love,

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