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Baby Blair – Newborn Photography Session in Edinburgh

Long lasting relationship

I first met this gorgeous family a few years ago. A new mum Louise got in touch with me wanting to book a baby photoshoot for her daughter Autumn. Autumn was already two weeks old, but we’ve managed to find a space for her last minute newborn photography session. That’s when our beautiful relationship started. I have photographed this family on multiple occasions for over four years now.

Here are a few portraits from Autumn’s newborn photography session here in Edinburgh a couple of years ago:

white studio wrapped baby newborn photography in edinburgh
newborn wrapping all white photography edinburgh
newborn baby posed in a wrap, newborn photographer edinburgh

I will probably share some more portraits from other of our previous sessions in the blog in the future so keep an eye out! But for now I really wanted to show you some of the portraits from Autumn’s little brother’s photoshoot. It took place in my Bonnyrigg based newborn photography studio just outside Edinburgh. It is a small, comfortable space, where parents and babies receive most amazing care in the home from home environment.

Sibling portraits

We started the session with portraits of just big sister Autumn. It was really great to catch up with her and to hear all about her love of Paw Patrol! We have reconnected quickly and she posed for me like a true professional.

three year old girl studio photography sitting looking up
three year old girl sitting looking at camera, studio photography posing
toddler girl close up looking at camera studio photography edinburgh

Autumn really warmed up to me quickly and loved being photographed. We then took lots of sibling portraits with her little brother Blair. She did so great and was very patient. You can totally see how much she adores her baby brother in these portraits!

toddler posing with newborn photography edinburgh
newborn posing toddler girl holding newborn brother baby photography edinburgh
big sister and newborn brother lying down newborn photography edinburgh
big sister kissing newborn brother posing photographer edinburgh
toddler and newborn posing edinburgh newborn photographer

Family portraits

Following the sibling portraits, we took lots of images of all the different group combinations. It is so important that everyone has a portrait with everyone! Of course we had to create some beautiful photographs of just Blair with his mummy and daddy. And let’s not forget the most important portraits of all the family together! I strongly believe that these portraits will be highly treasured by both Autumn and Blair as they grow. I always say that family portraits are not so much for the parents, but for their little ones. To see how loved they were, how mum and dad were so happy to have them and to always remember where they came from.

mum and three year old posing ideas newborn photographer edinburgh
mum with toddler and newborn studio posing newborn photographer edinburgh
mum and newborn posing studio, newborn photographer edinburgh
dad with toddler posing ideas studio newborn photography edinburgh
dad with three year old and newborn posing ideas - newborn photographer edinburgh
dad and three year old daughter studio posing ideas - newborn photography edinburgh
mum and dad with a newborn posing ideas newborn photography edinburgh
family with toddler and newborn posing ideas newborn photography edinburgh
mum and dad with newborn posing newborn photography edinburgh

Newborn portraits

Following the family portraits, Autumn and her daddy packed up and went to the park to play. Louise and I stayed in the studio to photograph little Blair on his own. During the newborn photography session the studio room gets really warm in order to ensure a comfortable environment for baby, because being so little they are unable to control their own body temperature yet. For a three year old that is not an ideal or most pleasant environment to be in, which is why I always suggest that one of the parents or a trusted carer takes an older sibling away for an adventure until we finish up.

This also allows mum to relax, have a (hot!) cuppa and just adore her little baby being cared for and photographed by me. My goal is to create an inviting atmosphere for mums share all about those first few weeks. For them to be able to talk and unload in a safe space, with no judgement and full support.

Here are some of the gorgeous newborn portraits we have created of little baby Blair.

newborn in the basket posing - newborn photography edinburgh
baby in a basket with a hat newborn photography edinburgh posing ideas
cosy newborn in a basket with a hat on newborn photography edinburgh
wrapped newborn photography edinburgh
newborn wrapping on white newborn photography edinburgh
naked newborn posing baby photographer edinburgh
newborn with mums shawl baby photography edinburgh
newborn on tummy in the basket posing newborn photography edinburgh
newborn with a heirloom shawl posing on tummy newborn photography edinburgh

Family heirlooms

Louise once again brought these gorgeous shawls, which were passed down to her and Stuart when Autumn was born. We used them in Autumn’s newborn photoshoot and recreated very similar portraits of Blair as well. I absolutely love including personal items like this in newborn portraits whenever possible, which is why I encourage parents to bring something that is special to them to their newborn photography session.

Blair was such a fantastic baby to photograph, he barely woke during his newborn photoshoot and we managed to create such a beautiful variety of portraits!

baby photography posing newborn photography edinburgh
wrapped newborn on white background posing newborn photography edinburgh
newborn photography posing edinburgh side lying baby

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about baby Blair’s newborn photography session! If you are looking for a photographer who will create beautiful, timeless, heartfelt images that you will treasure for lifetime, have a look on my newborn photography in Edinburgh page or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, send me a message using the contact form below. I would love to help you!

Lots of love,

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